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my weekend in a nutshell: 36 hrs of a six-pack of Abita Purple Haze, a four-pack of Unibroue Ephemere, a brand new pack of Nat Sherman menthols, a nice table and chair next to the pool and hopefully a lot of writing. and possibly some sort of food, if I can manage to make myself drive the half-mile to Whole Foods.

it's the simple things in life that make it worth it, you know?
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I keep trying to put words to just how exactly Glee has managed to completely and utterly take over my brain in the last few weeks, but most I just come back to Lea Michele's FACE.

also, Santana Lopez is the biggest BAMF I have ever met. and her ~feelings just freaking kill me.

I don't trust Ryan Murphy for a second to do anything but fuck this show up (worse than it already is I mean) at some point, but. I cannot get enough of these silly kids.

I may or may not be writing copious amounts of really cracky porn this weekend. but only if my ~deep thoughts about Quinn don't get in the freaking way.
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as linked from [community profile] metafandom , Three Faces of Bitch by [ profile] seriousfic 
To be a HBIC, you must be A. In charge. B. A bitch. C. Head.

this made me giggle and shake my head and my fist. and now I totally want random crossover fic where all of the different HBICs from my fandoms hang out and are awesome and bitchy and in charge. and maybe fight each other. sexily.

also, I'm pretty sure that in any universe where this HBIC conference happens Mrs. Frederic would totally be the HBIC. just, yes.
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I've been trying to come up with something for a first post here, and I figure a rec post is as good as anything in the way of introductions. so here, have some recs from the current porn battle!

femslash, het and anthropomorphic recs ahoy! )

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